Stay Prepared!

Attention Minnesota! A new COVID-19 vaccine is here, and you may have some questions.

Why do I need it? Does it work against the new variants? How do I get it?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still a very real and present danger in our communities. As the virus evolves, previous vaccines become less effective. With the new vaccine, you and your loved ones are protected against the latest COVID-19 variants, including Omicron! The truth is, vaccinations remain our best defense against the COVID-19 virus. Updated vaccinations and boosters are especially important for certain groups, including:

  • Elders 65 and older
  • Immunocompromised individuals
  • Pregnant people
  • Children

Thankfully, we can stay prepared and fight against COVID-19 together! Along with getting your updated vaccine, you can use the following resources to help protect you and your family:

COVID-19 Testing

Did you know that the Minnesota Department of Health offers FREE at-home COVID-19 tests? Your household can receive up to 4 rapid COVID-19 tests, at no cost to you! Visit to order yours today.


If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should get tested right away, especially if you are at high risk. Prescription medication is available to help treat the virus before it gets severe. The State of Minnesota has partnered with Cue Health to offer a free telehealth test-to-treat program! The program helps Minnesotans receive easy access to the COVID-19 care and treatments they need. Learn more at

Minnesota, it’s time to take action! Talk to your health care provider today to schedule your updated COVID-19 vaccination. Use the resources to stay prepared. Let’s work together to help keep our communities healthy and strong!