Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment

Our 16-week weight loss curriculum is open to any Native American over the age of 18 with the diagnosis of pre-diabetes.

  • Specialty clinic and screenings
  • Hands-on educational classes and support luncheons
  • Individualized lifestyle programs and Coach
  • Earn incentives to lose weight
  • Exercise and self-management program
  • Free fitness center membership to active program participants

Diabetes Management Program*

We offer Care Coordination support and comprehensive care to patients diagnosed with diabetes through IHB’s medical, dental and health and wellness programs.  

  • Classes, support groups and individual education led by certified diabetes educators (registered nurses and dieticians)
  • Cooking classes for families to learn basic kitchen skills, family nutrition, grocery shopping on a budget, and planning family meals
  • Foot clinic and dental appointments
  • On site eye screening for diabetic retinopathy
  • All community is welcome to attend monthly diabetes-related bingo with food and prizes!

*IHB’s Diabetes Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association