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There are no open positions in Administration at this time.

Billing Department

Admit Registration Transportation Supervisor

We are seeking an exceptional Admit/Registration and Transportation Supervisor to lead the front desk and transportation staff in providing outstanding clinical services to the community. The supervisor will be responsible for staff development, maintaining billing practices, quality improvement activities within the department, and ensure vehicles are properly maintained. Other essential duties include oversight of scheduling of patients.

Counseling & Support (C&S) Clinic

Behavior Health Integration Manager
The Behavior Health Integration Manager will be responsible for developing the integration of behavioral and medical and cultural health in the Medical Clinic, managing the Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) case manager, providing and supervising behavioral health consultations, and other related duties. While officed in the Medical Clinic, this position will report to the Director of the Counseling & Support Clinic.

Communications Coordinator
Communications Coordinator will be responsible for providing professional administrative support to the C&S management team, managing the Indian Health Board’s (IHB) online presence, creating promotional materials, coordinating IHB’s calendar events with the urban American Indian and local communities, and supporting IHB’s communication campaigns with the public.

Social Work Care Coordinator
Social Work Care Coordinator will be responsible for supporting Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program protocols and policies, providing care coordination to MAT patients and track progress and outcomes, provide SBIRT screenings and follow-up referrals within and outside IHB, conduct intakes and other triage work for potential new patients. This position will report to the Behavioral Health Integration Manager.

Dental Clinic

There are no open positions in the Dental Clinic at this time.


There are no open positions in Facilities at this time.

Medical Clinic

Health Program Supervisor
The Health Program Supervisor is an exempt management position and will provide oversight of the diabetes treatment/prevention programs as well as other health promotion programs and staff.

Updated: 2017-11-03